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Atomic Number: 83      Period Number:    6          Group Number:  15

Bismuth & Compounds

Bismuth (Bi) is a lustrous brownish-silver material similar in chemical properties to arsenic and antimony. Found naturally in its elemental state and in commercially valued compound ores, Bismuth has been an important material for a host of applications since ancient times.

Applications of Bismuth and its compounds

A combination of unique chemical and physical properties make Bismuth a uniquely valuable material across a wide selection of fields and industries. Fields using elemental Bismuth or a compound regularly include, but are not limited to:

  • Pharmaceuticals. Compounds of bismuth are found across medicine, especially in pharmaceuticals targeting the digestive tract; Pepto-Bismol is perhaps the best known commercially. 
  • Cosmetics. Bismuth oxychloride is often used to color cosmetics, eye shadow, and nail polish.
  • Pigments. Bismuth is becoming a popular alternative to more toxic materials in white and yellow paints and pigments which previously relied upon cadmium or other materials of concern.
  • Alloys. Bismuch alloys see use in a number of fields, especially those trying to reduce the use of lead alloys. Historical bismuth bronze is also a notable alloy of bismuth. Many also feature low melting points, making them valuable for solders, safety devices for fire and electricity, and more.
  • Electricity and thermoelectrics. More recently, compounds of bismuth are of interest in research into commercially viable superconductors, semi-conductors, and thermoelectrical materials.

Available from AHP Materials

AHP Materials specializes in high-purity elemental materials and compounds. As part of our standard catalog, we offer these materials:

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