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 Antimony & Compounds 

Atomic Number: 51          Period Number:    5          Group Number:  15


Antimony is a brittle, silvery-grey metal.  Antimony is rarely found free in nature and most often it exists in minerals and ore. One of the largest sources of antimony is China. Two stable isotopes of Antimony exist in nature - 121Sb and 123Sb. 

Antimony is widely used in batteries, solder, bearings, semiconductors, etc. Around 50% of the pure antimony currently produced is used for hardening lead and to make alloys which are then used (mostly) in batteries. However, the hardened alloy also finds use in small arms bullets (and tracer rounds) and cable sheathing among other uses. While too brittle to be of use in its pure form, antimony makes an excellent alloying material for other metals, providing increased hardness and mechanical strength. Because of its ability to expand upon freezing, antimony can be used for making high quality type for mechanical printing presses.

Many other antimony compounds find use in the ceramics and glass industries as glazes, paints and pigments. Primarily used are the sulphides, oxides, antimony trichloride and sodium antimonate. Antimony trioxide (SbO3) is a highly effective flame retardant, and has been used for some time in the manufacture of clothing, children's toys, and car/airplane seat covers. SbI3 has been used as a dopant in the preparation of thermoelectric materials.




Antimony Shot / Powder (Sb)

Antimony Triiodide (SbI3)

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