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 Antimony & Compounds 
Antimony & Compounds Number: 51          Period Number:    5          Group Number:  15


Antimony & Compounds

Antimony (Sb) in its pure state is a lustrous grey metallic compound used primarily for its fire retardant and hardening properties. While rarely used in its pure state, a number of antimony-based alloys and chemical compounds play a critical role across dozens of industries.

Applications of Antimony and its compounds

  • Flame retardants. The vast majority of antimony used commercially goes to the production of flame retardant materials, coatings, etc.
  • Alloys. The second most common application of antimony is in the production of commercially valued alloys, especially various PbSb alloys (Lead-Antimony).
  • Energy storage. Antimony compounds are often used in the production of batteries, especially conventional lead-acid batteries and as anodes for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries.
  • Catalysis. Antimony is used in the production of various commercially and academically valued chemicals as a catalytic agent.
  • Fining agent. Antimony is one of the common fining agents used in the production of various glasses.
  • Pigment. Used as a pigment and opacifier in glasses, ceramics, enamels, and dyes.
  • Medicine. Antimony compounds see usage in a number of medications and treatments for humans and animals, including emetics, antiprotozoan drugs, and skin conditioners.
  • Electronics. Used increasingly in the production of semiconductors, considered an emerging material in the production of microelectronics.
  • Neutron sources. Natural antimony can be used in startup neutron sources.

Antimony materials available from AHP Materials 

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