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 Indium & Compounds 

Atomic Number: 49              Period Number:  5             Group Number: 13


Indium is a rare, soft and silvery metal. It has characteristics similar to Gallium. Most Indium is discovered in Zinc ore as there is little free indium found in nature. There are just two isotopes of indium found in nature - 113In and 115In. 113In is very stable and 115In is radioactive, decaying to 115Sn with a half-life of 4.41 ×1014 years.

Indium is widely used in the semiconductor industry, such as chips, transistors and electronic appliances. Over 50% of Indium consumption goes into the market of liquid crystal display manufacturing. Indium Tin oxide (ITO) is a key element in making LCD monitors. LCDs find extensive use in GPS receivers, cameras, PDAs, answering machines and other various setups.  Another 15% of indium forms high purity Indium Oxide (In2O3), Indium Fluoride (InF3), etc  and goes into making electrical components, such as Infrared detectors, high speed transistors and photovoltaic devices.



Indium(II) Chloride (InCl2)

Indium(III) Chloride (InCl3)

Indium (III) Oxide (In2O3)

Indium Antimonide (InSb)

Indium(III) Selenide  (In2Se3)

Indium Fluoride (InF3)

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