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Atomic Number: 13       Period Number:    3          Group Number:  13

Aluminum & Compounds

Aluminum (Al) or aluminium is a silvery-white soft metal, notable as the most abundant metal in the earth’s surface and the third most common element after oxygen and silicon. Non-magnetic, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant, aluminum and its compounds are vital materials in countless industries.

Applications of Aluminum and its compounds

Applications of aluminum and its compounds include, but are not limited to:

  • Transportation: Light weight and corrosion resistance make it ideal for large components in most vehicles.
  • Construction: Used in circumstances where low weight or anti-corrosive properties warrant use over cheaper steel.
  • Packaging: Non-toxic, splinter-proof, and doesn’t non-absorptive. 
  • Machinery. High mechanical strength, resistant to corrosion, and resists combustion under stress.
  • Electricity. Highly conductive and corrosion-resistant at a low cost.
  • Household goods. Light weight, low cost, ease of manufacture, and aesthetics make it a good choice.
  • Medicine. Biochemical properties and non-toxicity make it useful in cosmetics, vaccines, and antacids.

Because it is naturally reactive, pure aluminum is rarely found in nature. Instead, it exists in over 270 different mineral compounds. Of the natural compounds and produced compounds of aluminum, the most consistently useful in industry are the various aluminum oxides, sulfates, and salts.

Available from AHP Materials

As standard offerings, AHPMAT provides these three aluminum compounds at purities and qualities suitable for industrial or academic purposes:

Used in producing aluminum metal, as an abrasive, and as a refractory material

 Used in antipersperants, cosmetics, and in water purification

Used in electronics, energy storage, and in the production of related chemicals and compounds

Outside of these standard offerings, we may be able to meet requests for other forms of aluminum or aluminum compounds. Contact us today to learn more.

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