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 Gallium & Compounds 
Gallium & Compounds

Atomic number:  31               Period Number: 4              Group Number: 13

Gallium & Compounds

A silvery-blue metal of group 13, Gallium (Ga) shares several traits with indium, aluminum, and thallium. While gallium is rarely if ever found as a free element in nature, compounds are found in small amounts in bauxite and various zinc ores. Gallium’s response to temperature is of interest, as it remains a solid metal at room temperature, but melts at a point below human body temperature.

Applications of Gallium and its compounds

  • Semiconductors. Used as a dopant in the production of semiconductors.
  • Artificial jewels. Used in the production of artificial jewels, in particular the gadolinium gallium garnet.
  • Optoelectronics. Compounds of gallium see regular use in optoelectronic infrared devices and blue or red optics, such as infrared laser diodes and blue light-emitting diodes.
  • Low-melt alloys. Gallium is a favorite material in the production of low-melt alloys, such as the galvinstin of mercury-free medical thermometers
  • Medicine. Gallium salts are used in a number of pharmaceuticals due to the similar response of the body to gallium and iron.
  • Imaging. Used in nuclear imaging for gallium scans, a key part of radiopharmaceuticals. 

Available from AHP Materials

AHP Materials specializes in high purity elements and compounds. As part of our standard catalog of materials related to gallium, we offer the following:

To learn more about ordering these materials, or to inquire about other high-purity compounds of gallium and other materials we offer as standard or custom products, contact AHP today.

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