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 Tellurium & Compounds 

Atomic number:  52                 Period Number: 5               Group Number: 16

Tellurium is a rare, brittle silver-white metal. The primary use of tellurium is as an alloy; however tellurium has found more and more applications in the semiconductor industry.

Tellurium is an important component in making cadmium telluride (CdTe) solar panels. It has been proven that using this material can achieve some of the highest efficiencies for solar cell electric power generation.

Tellurium oxide can be used as a network-forming component in glass frits for the solar cell industry, which can help to increase conversion rates. You may check the following link for more details in applications of TeO2 powder in solar cell glass frits: /patents/US20110095240



Tellurium Ingot/ Powder  (Te)

Tellurium Dioxides  (TeO2)

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