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Cadmium Bromite
Indium(III) Selenide  (In2Se3)
Chemical Formula: CdI2
CAS Number: 7790-80-9
Molecular Weight: 366.22
EC Number: N/A


Purity Available in  99.99%, 99.999%
Shape and particle size Available in powder
Packaging It is packed with Dacron film, then covered with a sealed plastic film bag.
Refractive index N/A
Density 5.640 g/cm3
Melting point 387 °C
Boiling point 742 °C

A white or colorless crystalline powder, cadmium iodide (CdI2) is a compound of cadmium and iodine. This compound is prepared by simply heating its component elements together, or by adding cadmium or cadmium compounds to hydroiodic acid.


Cadmium iodide is notable for its strong polarization effects and its crystal structure. It sees regular commercial use in photography, electroplating, and phosphor manufacture.

  • Photography. Cadmium iodide, like several other cadmium compounds, sees regular use in photography and lithography. Used in the production of materials and as a compound in formulations used for traditional film development and lithography.
  • Electroplating. Like several closely related cadmium compounds, cadmium iodide is frequently used in electroplating to protect against corrosion. This can be electroplating of steel, as in aircrafts, or electroplating of metal cadmium, as in electronic circuitry.
  • Chemical manufacture. Cadmium iodide is a common component for the manufacture of phosphors.
  • Catalysis. Early research indicates cadmium iodide may be of value as a catalyst for the condensation of aldehydes with active methylene compounds, resulting in high yields of olefinic products.

AHP Materials offers cadmium iodide and other cadmium compounds at purities of 99.999% or higher as part of our standard catalog. To inquire about our standard products, or to learn more about custom orders for items not listed, contact us today.

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